A Life Worth Living: Reflecting on My First Six Months at SBC

It’s been six months since I joined Sierra Business Council, and now it’s time for my first blog to appear and my words to be published. I started off with so many ideas, wondering what the SBC blog audience would want to read about: Climate Change Conspiracies, Climategate, Denialism…but the world is full of negative opinions. Did I really want to perpetuate the negativity?SNEW SkiTeam 2015 12

I began reading the blogs of my fellow co-workers and I immediately became inspired, and felt so honored to be part of this amazing organization.

I work with the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch (SNEW) team, a small group of individuals who are committed to making a difference in the business communities of 11 Sierra counties. The SNEW team is passionate, goal oriented and hard-working. Our fearless leader, Jen Rosser, guides us through the perils and deep waters of Pacific Gas and Electric Company procedures and California Public Utilities Commission codes and mandates. There is a steep learning curve for those of us new to staff, but luckily we have our colleague, Bowen Humphreys, who makes even Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards enjoyable to learn.

There is remarkable camaraderie between us all, a supportive chemistry that I have never experienced with any team I’ve worked with before. I look forward to the challenges of each day and working with my fellow “SNEWers.”

I come from that culture of “Work Hard Play Hard,” so after six months of trainings, conferences, working with customers, contractors, lighting retrofit audits, installations, site inspections and reporting, I was thrilled when the team had our first ski day at Squaw Valley. Once again, Jen Rosser guided us through the snowy terrain effortlessly and made sure our SNEW team kept up the brisk pace.

I hadn’t experienced skiing in this region for more than 20 years, as I recently moved from Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra. The snow and terrain were similar, but the setting was undeniably magnificent, with breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe. Of course my first day of the season was filled with emotions running wild, alternating between laughing and crying, navigating flat light and moguls. In the end, I did find myself hugely content with the choice I made to move to the Sierra Nevada region and join Sierra Business Council.

So what’s ahead in 2016? Our merry band of SNEWers will continue to take on the world of energy efficiency and lighting retrofits, and together we will work to achieve reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, California’s goals for 2020 and 2030, and of course discover the many wonderful slopes, vistas, and experiences this area has to offer.