Allan Pietrasanta

Board Chair

Sales Director, J. Rousek Toy Company 

Allan Pietrasanta, Chairman, is the National Sales Manager for the J. Rousek Toy and Pencil Company in Bishop, CA. He formerly owned and operated ABCOM/Buttermilk Mountain Works for 23 years, a light sewing manufacturing enterprise also located in Bishop. As an avid mountaineer, his countless trips into the backcountry have given Allan a deep appreciation for the High Sierra and the surrounding landscape.  These experiences fuel his passion to work with local communities while at the same time trying to protect the Range of Light so that both can flourish and thrive. Allan has been involved with Sierra Business Council since its inception and has worked extensively on economic and rural planning throughout the range, as well as specific wilderness issues on the Sierra eastside. Allan serves on the board of the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center.