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Ideation Workshops

In this Ideation Workshop series, we will gather the diverse people and perspectives of El Dorado and Placer County to connect, ideate, innovate, and create a clear vision for local sustainable and equitable jobs. We’ll dive deep into opportunities/dreams and the barriers for the historically marginalized. And, we will finish strong with some good ideas for fundable collaborations and projects! All are welcome.

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History of Stakeholders in the Eastern Sierra California Jobs First Region

As an exercise related to our stakeholder mapping exercise of the 7-county “eastern Sierra region,” Sierra Business Council was tasked with outlining the history of this region and how it led to the current social dynamics that influence our work in regional, inclusive economic development that priorities disinvested communities. What follows is a longer narrative that was summarized in our Regional Summary, which was submitted to the State on Dec. 29, 2023.

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Celebrating CTA Success with the Truckee Tahoe Community

The Climate Transformation Alliance (CTA) held its first inaugural community event in early November. This event was focused on showcasing CTA’s goals and commitment to climate action while also announcing the winners of CTA’s Accelerator award.

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Winery in Camino, El Dorado County with the Crystal Rage of the Sierra Nevada in the background


California Jobs First (CERF) – Placer & El Dorado COunties California Jobs First/the Community Economic Resilience Fund (CERF) is a $600 million statewide program that

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CERF Focus Groups Summer 2023

As regional conveners of the Eastern Sierra CERF Region, Sierra Business Council is currently engaged in a stakeholder mapping process that includes engaging disinvested community members in a sustainable and equitable economic planning process. Our goal is to provide an inclusive forum in which community members feel encouraged to participate in, and ownership of, CERF plans and strategies that will diversify the local economy and develop sustainable industries, creating high-quality, broadly accessible jobs in this 7-county region.

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