California Jobs First (CERF) - Placer & El Dorado COunties

California Jobs First, formerly known as the Community Economic Resilience Fund (CERF) , started out as a $600 million statewide program that was created to promote sustainable, equitable, and resilient regional economies. Following the distress of COVID-19, wildfires, droughts and floods, through the CA Jobs First plans and strategies, the state seeks to create diversified local economies by developing sustainable industries with inclusive pathways for the historically disinvested.  If successful, California Jobs First will create high-quality green jobs for all Californians. Sierra Business Council works on two of the California Jobs First 13 regions throughout the state. In addition to our work on the Eastern Sierra California Jobs First region (“Sierra Jobs First“), we also lead the subregion of Placer and El Dorado County within the greater Capital Region, in partnership with Valley Vision/We Prosper Together

The purpose of this work is to:

  1. Create living-wage opportunities with benefits for workers in our region
  2. Pursue sustainable and equitable economic growth
  3. Support and grow climate-resilient careers and industries, working towards a carbon-neutral future

To engage with CA Jobs First in the Capital Region, now called “We Prosper Together” region,  please sign up for the newsletter and dive into the data/research in the resource hub

To submit a project for Placer or El Dorado County (Capital Region), please enter it into the project inventory form by September 2024.  The formal Applications for Funding will be sent out to all submitted projects in October 2024. Enter project ideas into Project Inventory Form here: 

Additional Resources

State Sample Scoring Rubric for the Catalyst fund

Presentation to We Prosper Together Regional Council on Placer & El Dorado Subregion activities and engagement (May 2024)

Community & Partner Engagement Report submitted to We Prosper Together on Placer & El Dorado Subregion (May 2024)

Join Us In Creating A More Resilient Sierra.

To learn more about this program, contact: 

Sarah Isabel Moe, Program Manger