Community Networking: Events that Work for You

As you may have heard, Sierra Business Council recently teamed up with the Town of Truckee to host a Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce mixer. The mixer gave us not only the opportunity to showcase our projects, but more importantly the opportunity for locals to mix and mingle with each other to expand their networks. Networking is a valuable resource and offers a myriad great benefits including:COMM GreenDrinks Blog BG 2015

Sharing knowledge
You’ll typically find a broad mix of individuals and professions that attend networking events, offering the opportunity to meet and talk with people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get ahold of or think to reach out to. Plus, talking to someone in a casual setting often leads to advice or knowledge you wouldn’t have otherwise garnered in a formal business setting with a fixed agenda. 

Raising your profile
At the recent Chamber Mixer I learned of a few new business in town that I had no idea existed. Going to networking events gives businesses and organizations opportunities to create a buzz and spread their message. For new businesses in town this is a very important way to become well-known, (and as a side plug, the Sierra Small Business Development Center is another great way to learn marketing and outreach tips!)

The phrase, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” really makes a difference in the business world. Building relationships and cultivating those relationships can be the difference in learning about a job when it becomes available, or even getting that job. My first job after completing a year of AmeriCorps service was the direct result of cultivating a relationship I had made during my service. If I did not reach out and consciously build that relationship, I probably would not have been on the employer’s radar when the job became available.

Increased confidence
I get a little nervous talking to people I do not know, this is admittedly true when talking about Sierra Business Council and our work. I think to myself “do they already know about SBC? Am I talking about a program that doesn’t interest them? Am I leaving out something important?” which of course causes me to get more nervous. However, I can’t gain confidence if I don’t practice, and after meeting with and talking with a number of people during the Mixer I definitely have more confidence to exude at our next networking opportunity.

Those are some hugely valuable reasons to attend a community networking event. Lastly, let’s be serious – free food and drinks aren’t such a bad way to end the workday!

Join SBC at one of our upcoming Green Drinks networking events to realize these benefits for yourself.

SBC is revitalizing Tahoe/Truckee Green Drinks next Tuesday, October 27th, at Tahoe Mountain Sports from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Stop by when you can for great conversation, updates on sustainable business practices in the Tahoe/Truckee area, and plenty of networking (plus, of course, free drinks and refreshments).

If you are in the Central Sierra, we hope you’ll join us on November 19th at Indigeny Reserve from 6:00 – 7:30; Central Sierra Green Drinks have proven the value of community networking time and again. Come see for yourself!