Downtown Light Swap a Success!

The Save Twice: Light Swap in downtown Auburn was a big success!  Through our Sierra Nevada Energy Watch program, which gives out rebate dollars for energy efficiency projects, the Light Swap program focused on small retail customers who had existing halogen and incandescent track lighting.  Through the Light Swap, SBC partnered with Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) out of Grass Valley to provide high quality LED lights to PG&E commercial customers at a low cost. AuburnImage AuburnLightSwapBlog 250x300

This new LED technology has improved in leaps and bounds in comparison to its energy efficient alternative, the Compact Fluorescent.  LED’s are an instant on, are dimmable, and come in a wide variety of colors that can suit the needs of any business owner.  In addition to promoting more energy efficient LED’s on the day of the Light Swap myself, Shane Lopez from PG&E, and Josh Rodgers from CED dropped off the new LED’s at the doorstep of each customer!  With this type of plan it truly made the process quick and simple for the retail customers, it’s no wonder we helped so many folks.

Through the Light Swap SBC helped 17 small businesses in Downtown Auburn save an average of $275 per year on their electricity bills.  Not only that but each customer received an average rebate of $270 for their energy efficiency project.  In total $4613.44 was given out in rebate dollars to Downtown Auburn Retail Business owners!

Owners of The Chocolate shop, Al and Lois, were very impressed with the new LED lighting, “they produce great light, produce less heat, and they are about a ¼ of the price to operate.”  The Chocolate shop has been in the downtown Auburn area since 1996 and will see energy savings for many more years to come!

The Sierra Nevada Energy Watch is a program that seeks to promote economic growth by reducing energy costs for commercial business owners in the Sierra Nevada.  And luckily, by reducing the amount of energy PG&E customers need we can help society move towards a more sustainable future.