Go Jump in a Lake

Is there anything better than jumping into a cool, clear, rocky, alpine lake on a hot day?  I am not sure that there is. EI blog 250x200

At the end of June I had the fortune of spending a weekend in Desolation Wilderness, which — I’m sure you know — is chock-full of gorgeous, swimmable lakes.  It was one of the hottest weekends of the year, so jumping in was especially appealing.  In fact, I jumped into seven lakes in two days – not bad!  

Later, a friend and I started dreaming about doing a weekend lakes jumping contest – attempting to jump in as many lakes as you possible during a 48 hour period.  That got me thinking – what is the record for jumping in lakes?  Multiple Google searches later, all I found was that the record for fastest time to jump in all five Great Lakes is eight hours, 51 minutes, and 44 seconds.

That means that the world record for jumping in the most lakes in a weekend has yet to be recorded…

Who’s up for the challenge?