Going Beyond Lighting with Sustainable Energy Solutions

The Sierra Business Council and the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch (SNEW) Team was very busy in early February getting ready to move forward on energy efficiency upgrades beyond lighting. The SNEW SNEW SEStraining GrandSierra 2014 02team had an in-class and on the ground training led by Dennis Donovan, head of Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) out of Reno. During the training the SNEW team got to visit a few unique customers SES is working with to minimize energy use, including the Grand Sierra Resort and the Granlibakken Conference Center and Lodge in Tahoe City.

At the Grand Sierra Resort the SNEW team got to see massive boilers, used for heating water, which could easily fit in 5-6 people standing up. Now that is a big boiler! It was really amazing to see such large and unique equipment; having that experience really assisted the learning process. SES has over “75 years of combined experience in the energy industry and combines the unique talents of many respected energy experts to form a complete energy team that engineers sustainable energy solutions for its customers.” SES shared all of the knowledge necessary to allow the SNEW team to seek out and recognize larger energy efficiency opportunities. These opportunities range from retrofitting boilers and cooling towers to upgrading and replacing outdated Roof Top HVAC units.

With summer on the way and cooling needs increasing the SNEW team is gearing up and excited to help PG&E customers get help with their heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Partnering with SES is just the way the SNEW team and the Sierra Business Council can offer more comprehensive energy solutions to Sierra Nevada businesses, and SBC is thrilled!