Help Us Spread the Word

We all love snowy weather here in the Sierra, but the cold temperatures do mean BIG energy bills.  For Placer County residents, there’s good news: We have an exciting new way to reduce your energy bill and use the savings to pay for energy efficiency related home improvement projects.  And we need your help spreading the word! This program is called mPower Placer, Placer County’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, and it allows property owners to finance energy efficiency projects – which may increase the value of a home — with no upfront costs.  The money saved on energy each month is used to repay the loan, so the program literally pays for itself and then keeps on giving.100 0183

Here’s how it works: Residential and Commercial property owners can receive financing from the county with no upfront costs for projects such as upgraded insulation, thermally efficient windows, weather stripping, or even a new wood burning stove or HVAC system.  Essentially, the county will finance any sort of energy efficiency, water conservation, or renewable energy project.  (A list of all the residential improvements you can have paid for is HERE)

Tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers

This is a great program and we at the Sierra Business Council are working with the local community to get the word out and to facilitate getting green retrofits done on as many local buildings as possible.  If you are a property owner or business owner in Placer County, we want to hear from you!  For no obligation, we can walk you through the program details, help obtain an energy audit that’d show you how much you could save, and connect you with trusted local contractors.

Even if you’re not a property owner in Placer County, you may be able to help: Do you know a property owner or business owner that could benefit?  If so, please let them know about the mPower Placer program and have them reach out to Sierra Business Council for more information.  This program is truly about saving property owners money while also saving energy, which is good for everyone.  What have you got to lose?