Home: The Power of Giving Where Your Heart Is

Have you ever heard the saying, “your home is where your heart is?” Of course you have, we all have, and most of us have nodded along and said, “It’s so true”. We’ve recognized that our home isn’t always where our house is, it may feel more like the place we grew up, anywhere we go with close friends, or the mountains we’ve spent our lives recreating in. 

BDog HomeCustomBanner 2016Like our physical homes, often these special places are in need of a little attention. If a water pipe bursts, do you ignore the problem and let the water run, or do you call an expert to fix it? The mountains of the Sierra that so many people, residents and visitors alike, feel at home in are in a similarly precarious situation. From wild fires to drought, struggling business owners to communities facing economic hardships, our home is a region requiring immediate attention, attention we’ve frequently had trouble receiving. 

This is why Sierra Business Council’s work in the region is so important. We’re advocating on behalf of the Sierra, demanding attention be paid to a vital region that supplies over two thirds of California’s developed water, where so many of us feel at home. We are also on the ground, making a difference in the resiliency of our communities, the strength of our small businesses, and the health of our environment. 

Just as we pay the expert plumber to fix our burst pipe, we too have to support the work that is fixing our mountain home. This is why SBC is participating in the Big Day of Giving on Tuesday, May 3rd. The Big Day of Giving is a 24-hour online giving event designed to support local non-profits making BIG differences. It’s a chance to recognize the positive impact SBC has made in the region. Plus, giving to SBC on May 3rd will ensure your hard earned money goes further, as all contributions will be matched on a one-to-one basis. 

On this coming Tuesday, May 3rd, I’m asking you to give where your heart is and help us make a region that means so much to all of us, the Sierra Nevada, a more sustainable place for us and future generations to enjoy. Thank you in advance for supporting an organization with a nearly 22-year history of trusted and results-driven progress in the Sierra Nevada.