John Plaggmier

Project Manager

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Phone: 530.582.4800

John is happy to return to his hometown to work with the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch team. He is excited to continue the efforts of the SNEW team with their goal of reducing impact on the Sierra through energy efficiency. Before joining the Sierra Business Council, he worked with the Redwood Coast Energy Authority helping numerous Humboldt County small and medium businesses save energy.  A graduate of Humboldt State University, John earned his B.S. in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Energy and Climate.

Spending his free time at the Yuba River during the summer and snowboarding in the Sierra during the winter, John finds the most happiness outdoors. John is a runner at heart who has completed a trail marathon and hopes to run many more in the future.

Blogs by John Plaggmier

Tahoe Beer BB 2019

Enjoying the Modern Cold One: Bold, Hoppy and Tastes like Sustainability

The connection between a hoppy beer and the aromatic pines of the Sierra Nevada foothills is undeniable for me. Whether enjoying a cold one after a long hike in the Tahoe National Forest, or while basking on the granite rocks of the Yuba River, I can confidently say that beer always tastes better in the great outdoors.