Justine Quealy

Project Manager, Sierra Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Partnership

Phone: 530.582.4800

Justine Quealy is a project manager on SBC’s Climate Planning team, assisting communities in the Sierra to plan for climate change through both mitigation and adaptation strategies. Originally from New Orleans, Justine has spent most of her life in Northern California and has developed a deep appreciation for the natural world, especially the Sierra Nevada. Many of her summers were split between exploring the swamps of Louisiana, and road trips through the Sierra Nevada, often finding herself at Lake Tahoe. 

Her background in Environmental Studies at Clark University sparked a passion for environmental sustainability and urban planning, and exposed her to work with water efficiency and geographic information systems (GIS). Her postgraduate year at Murdoch University in Australia brought her a broader understanding of environmental ethics and building sustainability on both a small community as well as global scale. Justine received her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Clark University (Worcester, MA) and her Postgraduate in Sustainability and Environmental Ethics from Murdoch University (Perth, Australia).

Justine and her husband Dano call Grass Valley home and love everything their small community has to offer – amazing hiking and fishing spots, delicious food, wine, and beer, and music festivals at the fairgrounds. Justine is a passionate knitter who can often be found with her current project in hand, and when she isn’t knitting socks for loved ones, she writes knitting patterns and teaches knitting classes.

Blogs by Justine Quealy

Sierra Nevada Fibershed and Yarn Crawl

Outside of my role on SBC’s Climate and Energy team, I am also a small business owner and actively involved in the fiber arts community of the Sierra Nevada, designing knitting patterns and working with locally produced yarn. Over the years my two worlds – climate planning and knitting – have become increasingly intertwined, thanks to a concept called FIbershed.

Change and Challenge Bring Opportunity

Communities in the Sierra Nevada have weathered many storms over the years, most recently the local impacts of climate change, catastrophic wildfire, drought and reduced snowpack, Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events, wide-sweeping homeowner insurance policy cancellations, closing businesses, and a devastating global pandemic.

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Meeting California Climate Goals with the Help of TOU Rates This New Year

In October of 2018, Sierra Business Council was awarded the role of program administrator for the Martis Fund’s Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Program (DPAP). This program provides down payment assistance for median income Tahoe/Truckee locals hoping to purchase a home in the region.