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Kaeleigh Reynolds

Project Manager

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Phone: 530.582.4800

As a Project Manager who works across our Climate and Energy and Economic Empowerment teams and manages Sierra CAMP, Kaeleigh Reynolds works to help communities in the Sierra Nevada plan for, adapt, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Kaeleigh has a B.S. in Physics from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where she researched supermassive blackholes and very high energy photons known as gamma-rays. After graduating, she moved to Truckee with the hopes of skiing for a winter, but one winter evolved into five years. Kaeleigh spent many years working for Truckee’s indie bookstore, Word After Word Books, where she became immersed in the local community.

Originally from Sonoma County, Kaeleigh developed a love of rivers, lakes, trail running, and good food at a young age. She was lucky to grow up skiing in the Tahoe region, and is passionate about outdoor access and preservation of the Sierra. She loves to trail run, backcountry ski, and thru-hike with good friends and good dogs.