Lake Tahoe Water Trail: Where Recreation, Innovation, and Stewardship Intersect

For decades, the Lake Tahoe area has experienced an ever-increasing bevy of visitors craving the combination of adventure and relaxation offered by the largest alpine lake in the country. We’re all aware of this. In more recent years, many of those visitors have taken their explorations off of the bike and hiking trails and onto the water, to the point of reaching a critical mass. Such has increased the need for education about public access, wayfinding, water safety, aquatic invasive species prevention, and resource conservation. That’s where SBC comes in. COMM BBell Blog CoryRichimage 2016 02

To meet market demand and resource management needs, SBC developed the Lake Tahoe Water Trail (LTWT) business model to transform the trail concept into a market driven, educational trailhead and wayfinding system with planned paddle routes sustained by businesses and individuals that support stewardship of the Lake Tahoe watershed. The symbiotic relationship of the LTWT business model – where recreation, innovation and stewardship intersect – will nurture the interconnected economic, social and environmental assets, vital for sustaining the LTWT while generating local taxes and jobs.

Promoted as a signature human-powered attraction and transportation option, the LTWT business model is designed to spur innovation for local business that will assist recreation providers and empower paddlers. As SBC promotes the LTWT mapped routes, new business opportunities will surface to meet market demand such as racks for bikes and cars, kayak/SUP board rentals, kayak/SUP board manufacturing companies, storage racks, transportation shuttle services, water safety classes, tour guides, and ADA compliant docks and pathways. To address parking limitations, beach access, crowding and other issues, lodging properties and shops can improve the paddle experience with new services and paddler packages.

In turn, this planned influx of innovation will create community pride that will inspire conservation. New business will help resource managers to reach and distribute educational information to a critical mass of paddlers, complementing the Tahoe Boat Inspections and Tahoe Keepers programs. Locals and visitors will be more inspired to Take Care of Lake Tahoe and participate in AIS prevention programs such as Eyes on the Lake, and become Tahoe Keepers who self-inspect and decontaminate their gear.

To encourage usage of the LTWT, the core marketing communications strategy is crafted to Harness Passion to Empower the Paddler to be Part of the Solution.

What better way to educate residents and visitors about protecting Lake Tahoe’s natural and cultural resources than the Lake Tahoe Water Trail? Undeniably, getting up close and personal with Lake Tahoe ignites activated passion for protection of our waters, wildlife, native plant life, history and local culture. Participation in nature breeds ownership and pride. The LTWT connects local residents and travelers to the heart and soul of Lake Tahoe in the most natural sense. Nothing beats a day on Lake Tahoe. It’s sanctuary.

The LTWT marketing communications strategy will balance the needs of local residents, lakefront property owners, businesses, recreation providers, resource managers and visitors. Messages will employ a delicate balance of stewardship and recreation, empowering paddle and kayak businesses to be profitable stewards who educate the public, as well as locals and peers. This consumer-centric strategy will help harness the passion of paddlers who have an intimate connection with the resource, Lake Tahoe.

We hope that you’ll help SBC spread the word about the Lake Tahoe Water Trail and its intention for supporting local businesses, fostering innovation, and protecting a treasured asset appreciated by all. 

Image courtesy of Corey Rich/Aurora Photos