About SNEW

The SNEW program is a partnership between Sierra Business Council and Pacific Gas & Electric Company that coordinates and helps to fund energy efficiency projects which reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The team assists communities throughout the Sierra Nevada to proactively plan for climate change by reducing GHG emissions and adapting to changes already impacting the Sierra. State mandates and a growing awareness of the impacts of climate change on Sierra communities have initiated a need for action. We use approved protocols to develop GHG emissions inventories, energy action plans, facility benchmarking evaluations, and more, so that partners have the tools they need to address climate change.

Program Successes:

Greenhouse Gas Inventories

We have completed more than 30 GHG inventories, re-inventories, and reduction quantifications for local governments and public agencies in the Sierra Nevada region. These inventories allow jurisdictions to begin compliance with AB 32 and SB 32 (Global Warming Solutions Act) by first understanding where their emissions come from and how they can be reduced. All of these projects involve identifying and following the latest protocols, collecting and analyzing data, and summarizing trends and outcomes to inform emission reduction planning.

Energy Action Plans

We have developed and supported the implementation of more than a dozen Energy Action Plans (EAPs) and Climate Action Plans (CAPs) throughout the Sierra that serve as roadmaps for communities to achieve their local emission reduction goals. We work with local governments to build on their GHG inventory and forecast work to set specific strategies and actions in order to reduce emissions relating to energy use. We assist these jurisdictions with initial implementation in order to show real energy savings in the short term and ensure the plans take root in the community.

Community Activation on Local Climate Issues

We convene local climate champions and community stakeholders to kick start and support community working groups across the SNEW territory with the goal of implementing the strategies and goals of their respective jurisdiction’s EAPs.

Strengthen the Sierra Economy

Our Climate Action team stimulates local economies by encouraging local developers to build more sustainable projects that have a goal of GHG emissions reduction and matching these projects with statewide GHG reduction funding. To date, Sierra Business Council has played a role in infusing $18 million into such developments.

Community Partnerships

We partnered with utility representatives and contractors to deliver cost-effective energy efficiency solutions and program services to local governments, school districts, and public agencies in 14 counties in the Sierra Nevada region. Since 2010, the SNEW Team has saved over 25 million kWh of energy and served thousands of customers.

Saving Energy, Time, and Money

Over the last few years, the team has assisted customers with over $2 million in 0% bill neutral financing options to implement on the ground energy efficiency projects, decrease GHG emissions, reduce maintenance costs, and start saving money.  We also help communities prioritize financially viable projects.

Join Us In Creating A More Resilient Sierra.

This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by PG&E under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

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