Light Swap Events Save Local Businesses Money and Energy

I used to live in beautiful Nevada City. Recently on a trip back to visit friends, I was delighted to hear from a few local merchants that they had participated in Sierra Business Council’s recent “Light Swap” event and are thrilled with their new retail lighting. SBC, in partnership with PG&E, has held several light swap events in downtowns throughout the Sierra foothills as a part of the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch program.  These events are a great way to help educate merchants on the retail benefits of LED lighting, including the reduction of energy bills and maintenance costs. Plus they just make product displays look so much better!  

Nevada City’s Light Swap event was one of the first to be held, but we have also had events in Placerville, Auburn, and Grass Valley. If we haven’t hit your city yet or you’re worried you’ve missed your chance to save energy and money by replacing your halogen lights with energy efficient LED lights, not to worry. You can contact our Sierra Nevada Energy Watch team to do a free energy audit of your business.   Just listen to what Peter Cohen from the Magic Carpet in Nevada City has to say in this video: doing a Light Swap really is a win-win for the merchant.  If you’d like more information please contact Project Manager Alicia Powers, and be sure to keep an eye on your local paper for news of a Light Swap event in your area.