Our Big Day of GIving Ask: Why, What, & How

Picture of Jill Sanford

Jill Sanford

Communications Manager

Sierra Business Council is excited to be participating once again in the Big Day of Giving, an annual fundraising event that takes place throughout the greater Sacramento region. This year’s event is coming up on Thursday, May 5th. Early donations can be made starting on April 21st, so please get your contribution in early here. Last year was a huge success thanks to the continued support of long-time donors and new contributors alike. 


Our goal is a diverse, inventive, and sustainable region where the economy is vibrant, the land is thriving, and the communities offer opportunity for all. With each passing year, the work we do feels even more urgent and important in carrying out this vision for the Sierra Nevada.


Our supporters make our broad impact possible. Without the donations from supporters like you, we’d be hard pressed to continue our wide-ranging work in: 

  • Economic Empowerment: We provide free advice and learning opportunities to small business owners, work collaboratively to bring internet access to hard-to-reach rural areas, and connect entrepreneurs hard-hit by the pandemic and other recent disasters with the resources they need. 
  • Regional Advocacy: We advocate for increasing state resources to fund wildfire risk reduction and forest management solutions, investing in workforce development opportunities, increasing wages for forestry professionals, and improving policies related to workforce housing projects.
  • Climate Action: We identify how governments and individuals can reduce emissions and increase energy independence. We also help communities, organizations, and individuals understand, plan for, fund, and implement projects that will help the region adapt and increase our resilience to climate threats that have already begun impacting the Sierra Nevada.  


We’re asking for your support this Big Day of Giving. With your help, we will continue to identify and address issues that impact the Sierra while proactively planning for the future. 

If you are able to, please consider donating to Sierra Business Council before May 5th at midnight. Donations begin as low as $15 and every little bit will help us reach our goal of raising $30,000.

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