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The Vision

To protect and enhance the natural environment of Placer County in the Yuba, Truckee and American River watersheds through the promotion of innovative stormwater and water quality management and other techniques applicable to the Sierra Nevada.

Low Impact Development Definition

Low impact development (LID) is a holistic stormwater management approach that emphasizes conservation and use of existing natural site features integrated with distributed, small-scale stormwater controls to mimic the natural water balance for a site. LID is a versatile approach that can be applied to new development, urban retrofits, and redevelopment/revitalization projects. When implemented early in the planning and design process, LID strategies allow owners, developers, builders and designers to address multiple objectives with qualitative environmental benefits in a single site design, including:

In addition to environmental benefits, an integrated design approach can result in cost savings for the developer, long-term economic benefits to property owners such as reduced maintenance costs and enhanced market value, and community benefits such as improved aesthetics and recreational amenities.

The Purpose of the Guidebook

The Guidebook provides planning and design guidance applicable to all scales and types of development and redevelopment in Placer County. Though it can function as general guidance for any location, the Guidebook includes specific information applicable to the High Sierra elevations above 5,000 feet with snow and freeze/thaw conditions that can sometimes make use of LID challenging. Concepts and techniques are presented in a format that will facilitate dialogue among developers, engineers, designers, and regulatory agencies. The intent is to encourage integration of these strategies into site design at the earliest possible stage. The development of the Guidebook was funded by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and Placer County.

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