READY, Set, Pivot!

Jessica Car

Jessica Car

Associate Director, Sierra SBDC

Blog Images 2In response to the immediate and essential need for small businesses to establish an online retail presence, the Sierra SBDC is excited to support the launch of Ready Set Pivot: Bringing Nevada County Small Businesses Online. This course is primarily geared toward local brick-and-mortar retailers who understand that adding online sales is critical to business operations going forward.

In partnership with many organizations and led by Robert Trent, Sierra SBDC advisor and executive director of Sierra Commons, the course is a five-part, one-week series to get your business online and making sales by June 1st. 

The declared COVID-19 disaster and subsequent shelter in place orders in California have created a significant need for businesses to react and pivot. We have seen our small retailers and restaurants swiftly adjust business models, dig deep for cash reserves, make difficult decisions regarding staffing, apply for disaster-related loans, negotiate with vendors and landlords, and make big changes in order to survive. Although our counties are working towards reopening, the small business landscape is going to be impacted for months to come. 

In light of the changes ahead, it is critical for small businesses, especially retailers and storefronts, to make e-commerce accessible to their clients. With curbside pickup, possible limitations on in-store shopping, and events delayed, now more than ever it is imperative that small businesses are able to showcase their goods online, keep inventory updated, and implement online sales. 

Sierra SBDC is proud to support the efforts of Rebound Nevada County and the Ready Set Pivot workshops. Classes are online and start May 18th, and registration is required! The ambitious goal of the project is to help 50 Nevada County businesses launch revenue-generating online stores by June 1. 

More information can be found here

Rebound Nevada County is a collaborative group including the Sierra Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Nevada City and Grass Valley Chambers, the cities of Nevada and Grass Valley, Sierra Commons, Grass Valley Downtown Association, Nevada City Film Festival, Bear Yuba Land Trust, Miners Foundry Cultural Center, Nevada County Arts Council, Nevada County Economic Resource Council (ERC), and Sierra Business Council.

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