Community Engagement and Education

OPR: Sierra Nevada Climate Adaptation and Cal-Adapt – 9.29.2020

ICARP staff and Cal-Adapt staff presented updates to the online Cal-Adapt climate projections tool and the Adaptation Planning Guide draft integration with the Adaptation Clearinghouse, and invited workshop participants to provide feedback.

PANEL: Sustainable Recreation and Economic Recovery – 8.24.2020

Sierra Business Council experts and partners held a virtual round table discussion on the value and opportunity of public lands and recreation-based communities in a post-COVID economic recovery for communities hard hit by shutdown orders.

Building Community Support for Climate Action – 6.25.2020

Explore best practices on forming community support for energy efficiency ordinances and codes, how best to communicate energy action plan goals, and how a more energy-efficient future can mean better health and wealth for all. 

ESCOs 101 – 5.28.2020

Are you curious to know what goes into selecting and hiring an Energy Services Company (ESCO)? What kind of projects can they take on? And how can they be your partner in financing major energy efficiency projects? Find out more about ESCOs and their suite of services, how to contract one, and how to select the right one for your jurisdiction.

Microgrids in the Sierra Nevada – 4.23.2020

Learn more about local government climate and energy resilience. We’ll be discussing scalable battery and storage installation, and how projects that keep your operations functioning during PSPS and other disruptions can be funded by PG&E programs and other sources of funding.

Disaster-Proof Your Business Against Wildfire – 8.7.2018

Learn how to prepare yourself, your commercial operations and your assets before disaster strikes. This two part workshop covers how to understand risk, assess readiness, and take action. Additional materials cover how to create a resilience plan, and how to engage with free resources and community resiliency efforts. Part 1 and Part 2. For more excellent resources on small business preparedness and support, visit the Sierra Small Business Development Center.

Supplemental Resilience Toolkit

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