Sierra Climate adaptation and Mitigation Partnership (CAMP)

The Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership (Sierra CAMP) is a cross-sector partnership that promotes and facilitates regional climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, serves as a climate action capacity-building hub for Sierra/Cascade communities, and fosters urban-rural connections to build statewide investment in our region’s communities and natural resources.

What is Sierra CAMP?

SierraCamp Logo Vertical TransparentSierra CAMP is a collaborative effort managed by Sierra Business Council. It serves as a dedicated partnership of organizations, businesses & local governments supporting vibrant communities, a resilient environment, and improved quality of life within the region. Sierra CAMP activates our region on climate change, building connections with downstream stakeholders while promoting climate adaptation & mitigation strategies across the Sierra. 

Sierra CAMP Priorities

  1. Educate on & engage in equitable climate solutions
  2. Provide climate policy analysis & education
  3. Convene region-wide collaborators to maximize funding
  4. Support & initiate projects
  5. Build stakeholder capacity to address climate change
Download our guiding principles here
Download our governance documents here.
Download our commitment to social justice here


Sierra CAMP is one of seven climate collaboratives across the state that together form the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA). Through ARCCA, adaptation practitioners connect to:

  • exchange knowledge
  • engage in targeted problem-solving
  • implement joint campaigns 
  • break down silos across sectors and jurisdictions
  • sign shared comment letters on funding and policies

Sierra CAMP Membership Details:

Members of the Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership (Sierra CAMP) are an engaged group of individuals and organizations who understand that their well-being depends on the health and long-term resilience of communities and the natural systems around them. Our work is based on the belief that social, economic, and environmental systems are interconnected and inseparable, and that collaboration between diverse sectors and communities is essential for growth and prosperity – especially in an era of warming temperatures and a changing climate.


Members attend regular statewide ARCCA meetings to share their stories of climate action statewide. ARCCA provides a direct line of communication between our region and state policymakers, allows members to share best practices, and strengthens urban-rural connections. 

Sierra CAMP Membership entails:

  • Curated monthly grants email and regular funding guidance (example linked to archived edition)
  • In-person meetings to convene regional implementers
  • Education, including detailed policy and budget breakdowns
  • Problem-solving forums
  • Peer group and regional collaboration on adaptation
  • A niche, collaborative space for planners, elected officials, and community members to align on cross-sectoral climate action and adaptation to maximize available funding
  • A storytelling platform to elevate the profile of localized climate impacts on rural areas

Current Members:

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