Spotlight on Local Business: Sierra Rizing

Sierra Rizing is the most recent beneficiary of the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch (SNEW) program. This local coffee shop in Lotus, CA, run by Teal Triolo, is the perfect spot for locals and travelers to grab baked goods, coffee, and more before venturing out and rafting on the South Fork of the American River. I’m happy to report that, despite the drought, the South Fork is in full swing and will be open for rafting Thursday through Monday all summer! At Sierra Rizing the pastries are baked fresh daily, there are delicious sit-down breakfast options and the COMM SNEW SierraRizing Teal 2014 06lunch menu is expanding. In addition to the bakery and coffee shop, Teal offers catering, weddings cakes, and specialty desserts, no matter what the occasion – a table served reception for hundreds or a casual picnic along the river.

Now you may wonder what SNEW has to do with the American River and delicious food. The answer is that all of the precious ingredients to Teal’s favorite recipes live in a Walk-In Freezer in the storage room. The freezer fan motors were upgraded to newer models and should save her about 50% on her energy costs. Teal also had all of the outdated and inefficient lighting replaced with energy efficient fluorescent and LED lighting. With all of the upgrades Teal received $900 in rebates and is expected to save about $900 per year!

In addition to running her own business Teal helps coordinate a summer Farmers Market that brings produce from Nevada City to Diamond Springs and is also the Food Coordinator for the American River Music Festival in Hennesey Park in September. Check out the local website for the Lotus and Coloma here for more events and summer fun. Sierra Nevada Energy Watch is a program that seeks to promote economic growth by reducing energy costs for commercial business owners in the Sierra Nevada and by reducing the amount of energy businesses need we can help society move towards a more sustainable future. It really is a win-win!