Teal Brown Zimring

Board Member

General Partner and Co-Founder, Galvanize Partners

Teal Brown Zimring is a General Partner with Galvanize Partners. Notable past clients include the Schultz Family Foundation’s veteran’s economic inclusion program, NIKE’s health care access and girls’ empowerment programs, United Nations Foundation’s Women and Populations program, TOMS shoes’ global giving strategy, and the Aspen Institute’s Energy and Environment Program. In 2017, she moved to Truckee, and has since committed her time, network and passion to the Sierra Nevada and the community which is helping raise her two tiny children and one very large dog. She recently completed a project for The Joint Institute for Wood Product Innovation at UC Berkeley that focused on building markets for non-merchantable wood to facilitate wide-scale forest thinning and mitigate catastrophic wildfire in California.  She is the former Manager of the Aspen Institute’s west coast program expansion and donor engagement; and was on the founding team for the Aspen Ideas Festival. Teal is an avid trail runner and gardener.