A Great Escape into the Undiscovered Sierra

I’m getting out of the office and hitting the road!  SNGT NDJblog GreatEscape Cropped 2013 09

Instead of just talking and emailing about this Geotourism thing like I do most every day, I’m going to DO it, SHOW it, LIVE it: For the next week, I’ll measure success not by how many emails I respond to, but instead by the number of Sierran people I meet face-to-face and the number of undiscovered Sierra adventures I get to enjoy and support firsthand. 

I’ll do all this from behind the wheel of an Escape Campervan, all “pimped out” with swirly bright colors on the outside and cozy comfort inside. And I’ll do it while one of my favorite co-workers, Brittany Todd, rides shotgun, navigates via the Sierra Nevada Geotourism mobile app and fields itinerary suggestions from YOU.

Where will we go? To the unique places that show the true character of the Sierra.  We’ll go see the fall colors in the northern Sierra, pop into a few historic places in Nevada and cruise down the east side of our beloved mountain range. We’ll go to places affected by the Rim Fire to give support and to show that they are still thriving.  We’ll seek out as many creeks, lakes, hot springs, and hunks of granite as possible while we discover and interact with gateway communities, appreciate foothill artists, and consume delicious food and drink along the way. 

Want to participate or create your own Geotourism adventure? We would love that! Tell us where we should go, recommend a great place for a beer or a hike, view our pictures and videos and join the conversation – do this all by visiting our Facebook page (which will also link to Twitter and Instagram) . . . or better yet, escape YOUR office and we’ll see you on the road!