The Power of mPower Placer

More than ever, people are looking for ways to become more sustainable and to leave less of a negative impact on their community and on our planet.  Whether we’re talking about rising gas prices and utility bills, increased CO2 levels and climate change, or resource depletion with a rising population, the environmental issues of today have taken root in our conscience and are shifting from the discussion table to the drawing board.SolarPanels TP Blog

Most people now know that their homes and businesses can use a lot of energy.  Nearly 40% of the energy we consumed in the U.S. in 2012 was from residential and commercial buildings ( That’s an astounding number and we have to start thinking about where exactly that energy comes from.  Many are seeing that number and deciding they want to make their home or business more energy efficient by retrofitting their property, but not everyone can afford the costs that may come with such a project.

For property owners in Placer County, switching to cleaner sources of energy can be made possible through a financing program called mPOWER Placer.  mPower stands for Money for Property Owner Water and Energy efficiency Retrofitting.  

mPOWER Placer is more commonly known as a P.A.C.E. program (Property Assessed Clean Energy).  PACE programs are currently in 30 states, and there are 10 active programs within California.  mPOWER Placer provides a low, fixed interest rate for energy and water efficiency or renewable energy installations, paid back on your property tax bill.  Financing is available for up to 20 years, for up to 100% of project costs, and the assessment lien is tied to the property, not the property owner.  The mission of the mPOWER program is to save money, conserve energy and create jobs.  It’s flexible and easy to apply.  Even better, mPOWER has reopened it’s Residential portion of it’s program and is now accepting both commercial and residential applications!

Keeping in mind that there aren’t many PACE programs out there; having one within Placer County is highly advantageous.  One can get an energy project funded with no upfront cost and the interest owed could be offset simply by the energy saved. This program provides contractor jobs in the Tahoe Basin, saves property owners money that they can spend elsewhere, stimulates the local economy, and to top it off, reduces our carbon footprint! It is programs like this, and many others, that will drive Tahoe, Placer County, and the Sierra Nevada towards environmental success.

For more information on the mPOWER Placer program you can visit the mPOWER webpage, talk to a program specialist at 530-889-4174, or e-mail Tom at SBC.

For more information on the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch, click here.