The Sierra Nevada Geotourism Auction: Explore the Sierra Like Never Before

What kind of travel are you craving this season? Would you like someone to put together fun exploration packages for you through out the Sierra that you can get at amazing prices, while supporting a project that helps small businesses and communities get a little of that tourism love?

Well, we’re happy to say, we’ve done it! Some of the best adventures, places to eat and places to stay throughout the Sierra have been bundled together, and are ready for you to place your bid in our online auction! Whether you are craving river rafting, rock climbing, or sailing, want to explore the northern or the southern Sierra, we have a package for you! And now you have an opportunity to get it at a great rate while also supporting Sierra Nevada Geotourism.RedsMeadowPackStation

Do you want more details on what’s available? Here’s a little run down of our 4 packages:

If you’ve been dreaming of a sailing trip on Lake Tahoe at sunset, we have you covered with our friends at Lake Tahoe Sailing Charter. And after you and your friend build up your hunger from sailing, you get to experience the new restaurant in town, Truckee Tavern, which specializes in wood fire cuisine featuring local grown produce and meats. Then, just a short walk from the Tavern, you get to spend the night at the Riverstreet Inn, right on the river! Also, have you ever wondered about the rich history of the Truckee area? Curious what the 1875 jail looks like, and what stories are behind it? With this package, you and your guest will get a personalized historical tour of downtown where all your questions will be answered. Of course, we figured you will be hungry and thirsty again, and we don’t want you to miss out on experiencing the local brewery, FiftyFifty, where you and a friend will get to sample the beers they have to offer as well as enjoy an appetizer.

Next up, rock climbing, horseback riding, and beer in the eastern sierra, ah yea! In our eastern Sierra package, you and a friend get to explore the vertical world through guided rock climbing (you pick: beginner’s introduction or more advanced). And the horseback riding out of Red’s Meadow Resort and Pack Station is sure to bring you to great places while you connect with kind horses. There’s a new brewery in Bishop, the Mountain Rambler Brewery, and we know you’ll work up a thirst and hunger, so we’ve added to this package a couple pints of beer and a bite to eat. Plus, we can advise you on where to camp and soak up some hot springs.

For the third package, if you are seeking wet thrills plus pure beauty, we have a river trip for you! It’s an all-inclusive 2 day trip with our friends at ARTA on the beautiful Tuolumne River in the central Sierra, just outside Yosemite. All of the meals during the river trip are included, and they set you up with spectacular camping beside the river for a night. You’ll get to experience whitewater thrills such as the Clavey rapids and relax in side streams with dreamy swimming holes – idyllic places with cool water to swim in, pebble beaches to bask on, waterfalls to swim behind and rocks to jump from, the kind of places you see in movies or read about in romantic novels.

Finally, as a hidden gem, we have a package that brings you to the amazing southern Sierra. You and a friend(s) get to stay for two nights in a riverside home, at the River Oak Haven Property. . . ah, what a beautiful retreat, nice swing under a gorgeous oak tree included. With comfortable lodging just on the edge of Sequoia and Kings National Park, it only makes sense to explore the many great offerings of the park. So this is packaged with a tour of the Crystal Cave where you experience lavish ancient crystalline formations and endemic species of cave-adapted invertebrates. And we all know it can be ideal to explore the park at your own pace, following your own desires, as long as you have some key information. So you get a personalized session with a long-time ranger who will give you suggestions on what to do and see and how to get there, and then you’re off to find the biggest tree in the world and beyond!

Are you ready to book your trip package? Don’t hesitate; the auction is open for only 14 days total! For more details and to place a bid, be sure to head over to the Bidding Owl auction site

Photos courtesy of Tahoe Sail and Red’s Meadow Resort and Pack Station