What Makes it So Easy for Me to Come to Work?

Though Thanksgiving has passed us by, the season of gratitude remains, reminding us to reflect on what we are thankful for this holiday season. For me, the list is long and varied, but close to the top is the wonderful workplace I am lucky to enjoy. In the current political climate, I’ve found it is easy to become bogged down with feelings of uncertainty. Here at SBC though, my fellow Sierra protectors, energy efficiency magicians, business innovators, and climate planning superheroes keep my spirits high and my gratitude abounding.

SBC StaffMeeting 2016Colleagues, managers, and administrators are incredibly important to the morale at any workplace, but it’s especially true when working on difficult issues with tight deadlines, limited budgets, and increasingly high stakes. At Sierra Business Council, I am surrounded by coworkers who lift each other up, support each other, and just generally have fun together. Not only does this make showing up to work actually enjoyable, it also makes taking deep breaths in times of stress much easier to do.

I am in constant awe of the work being done around me here. The triple bottom line focus of SBC creates an office full of projects and programs that are varied in their work, but aligned in their goals. Due to this variety, I learn something new each day about topics like greenhouse gas inventories, forest management, the parks and water bond, and energy efficiency. Together with my own area of business innovation, I witness how all of our program areas work as one to accomplish SBC’s mission: to pioneer and demonstrate innovative approaches and solutions to increase community vitality, economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social fairness in the Sierra Nevada.

The Sierra Nevada is an awe-inspiring place to live. It’s a beautiful place to play. I am grateful to have found that it is, importantly, also an incredible place to work – together, fiercely, doggedly, for the long-term viability of our communities.

Sierra Business Council is bringing stakeholders together in a time when everything seems polarized. Help us foster a more resilient community, stronger economy, and healthier environment by including SBC in your giving this holiday season. https://givebacktahoe.org/npo/sierra-business-council