EMpowering Entrepreneurs and a Regenerative Local Economy

We work with small businesses, local governments, and community non-profits to build the foundation for a vibrant local economy because dynamic communities are one of the most important resources the region has to offer.


Our Economic Empowerment team works with small businesses, entrepreneurs, local governments, and regional partners who are equally committed to building the foundation for a thriving local economy—an integral part of strong, dynamic communities.


We provide free consulting, training, and advice to existing and new businesses to build a resilient future tied to our abundant natural resources and create an equitable, thriving local economy. We also partner with local jurisdictions and community non-profit organizations on regional initiatives to help solve key economic issues.


Thriving local economies are the backbone of Sierra communities. We elevate economic issues across the private, nonprofit, and public sectors to foster regenerative, restorative business practices and a more vibrant, resilient region.  


Since March, the Sierra Small Business Development Center at Sierra Business Council has been all hands on deck to provide the support necessary in order to survive the closures, mandates, statewide regulations, capital needs, and other challenges facing our neighbors. Through collaboration, partnerships, and advisors across Northern California, we have been able to create strong programming to encourage business survival.

Our business advisors have helped nearly a thousand clients with one-on-one advising related to COVID-19. From understanding the EIDL and PPP lending programs available from the federal government to pivoting your business to online selling and working on HR plans to bring back employees, SBDC expertise covers a wide range of topics. For more on the Resilience Fund – Sierra highlighted in the video below, click here


Sierra Business Council is proud to host the Sierra Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which helps identify funding options for new businesses, walking them through the steps that turn ideas into successful ventures. We also assist existing businesses in strategizing expansion plans and accessing capital that position them for sustainable growth.

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"Working with [the Sierra SBDC] was a real life saver for my company during an exceptionally challenging and stressful time. [The advisor] helped me acquire a loan that was sufficient to keep my business afloat, yet not so large as to be a burdensome debt to my business."
Sierra SBDC Client

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Economic Empowerment

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Economic Empowerment

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I’m wearing my RBG T-shirt and staring at my RBG action figure, gifts from my daughter, a true social justice warrior. Like me, she was raised to revere and honor women like Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It is a family tradition that follows at least four generations that I know of and we hold closely a favorite RBG quote, “What is the difference between a bookkeeper in the Garment District and a Supreme Court justice? … One generation.”

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Outside of my role on SBC’s Climate and Energy team, I am also a small business owner and actively involved in the fiber arts community of the Sierra Nevada, designing knitting patterns and working with locally produced yarn. Over the years my two worlds – climate planning and knitting – have become increasingly intertwined, thanks to a concept called FIbershed.

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