Our Region: The Sierra Nevada

The region we serve is large, ecologically diverse, and predominantly rural. In the 21st century, the Sierra faces both challenges and opportunities, proving its resilience in the face of both environmental and economic challenges.

Sonora Pass, photo by Spencer Demera

The Sierra Nevada’s economic backbone is diverse, inventive, and sustainable. Our land is cherished, inspiring, and alive. Our communities are welcoming, open, and engaging.

In the Sierra, the land is one of our most important assets. It is what draws people here, both to visit and to live, and provides a foundation for our communities and our economy. Encompassing 25 million acres, the region attracts 50 million visitors every year. Our towns and local businesses are tied to land and dependent on sustainable tourism, outdoor recreation, forest and stream restoration, land management, and conservation. The Sierra is also the source of more than 60% of the state’s developed water supply and 50% of its forests, providing natural resources and services that are both critical to life as we know it and extraordinary to behold.

The people of this region are as tenacious as the land, choosing resilience in the face of adversity and collaboration over chaos. Our region is characterized by strong, independent communities that come together in times of great need and also to celebrate life in the Sierra. It is a place where residents and visitors have the opportunity to improve their lives, renew their spirits, and prosper in health as well as wealth. It is the place many of us seek – a place to call home.

Despite its strengths, the Sierra is also vulnerable. Challenges that impact both our land and our communities include the increased severity of wildfires and other symptoms of climate change, planned power shutoffs, impacts associated with National Forest closures, economic uncertainty in the wake of the global pandemic, an escalating need for affordable housing, and a lack of equitable access to reliable internet.

And yet, the Sierra is a place where change and challenge create opportunity.

Sierra Business Council’s role is to empower this region through innovation, collaboration, and respect. We develop, implement, and support projects and policies that demonstrate how vibrant communities, fair and prosperous economies, and healthy thriving ecosystems are interdependent—rather than competing—interests.

Based in Truckee with satellite offices in Grass Valley/Nevada City, Sierra Business Council’s services extend from the Truckee/Tahoe region to Gold Country, the Eastern Sierra, the Lost Sierra, and throughout 22 counties as far south as Kern County, all the way north to the Oregon border, and from the Sierra foothills into the western reaches of Nevada.

Where do we serve?

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