In the Sierra Nevada, change and challenge create opportunities. Through innovation, integrity, and respect, Sierra Business Council (SBC) harnesses these opportunities by implementing projects that model proactive change. Our goal is a diverse, inventive, and sustainable region where the economy is vibrant, the land is thriving, and the communities offer opportunity for all.

Wildfire Strategy

Wildfire risk is increasing in size, intensity, frequency, and duration across a broader range of communities and landscapes. Wind-driven fires as a result of Diablo wind patterns (rather than fuel-dominated wildland ground and crown fires) are also increasingly common, leading to structure fires in urban communities that originate in the wildland urban interface (WUI) or wildlands.

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Placer Low Impact Development Guidebook

In 2004, Placer County identified Low Impact Development (LID) as a mitigation strategy for the County Aquatic Resource Program – a comprehensive strategy for state and federal environmental regulatory compliance on projects covered by the Placer County Conservation Plan. 

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The State of the Sierra Report

The State of the Sierra 2007 report represents the third edition of the Sierra Business Council’s indicator project to identify trends affecting the social, natural, and financial capital of the Sierra Nevada.

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A Commercial and Mixed Use Handbook

Sierra towns have historically thrived with a combination of commercial and residential development, what is referred to as commercial and mixed use (CMU). Given that there is no single reference to which builders, planners, or citizens can turn for information on successful mixed use approaches in the Sierra, the Sierra Business Council has invested in this publication.

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Planning for Prosperity

Winner of the American Planning Association’s prestigious Daniel Burnham Award, Planning for Prosperity is designed to help planners and decision-makers in the Sierra Nevada plan wisely and effectively for their communities’ futures. The reference guide outlines principles which, together, provide a new, more effective framework for land planning in the Sierra, and also ensure the quality of the planning process itself.

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