Regional Summary Report: Part i

California Jobs First: Eastern Sierra Region

About the Regional Summary: Part I

The Regional Summary is one of the key outcomes from the California Jobs First Planning Phase (March 2023 – September 2024). The Regional Summary is composed of two parts. 

Regional Summary: Part 1 was due to the state’s Inter-Agency Partners on December 31, 2023. It is composed of quantitive and qualitative data regarding the region’s demographics, current economic state and economic opportunities, climate and environmental analysis, public health analysis, and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis. The Part 1 required elements provided by the state Inter-Agency Team can be found here

Regional Summary: Part 2 is due to the state’s Inter-Agency Partners on August 30, 2024. It will be composed of strategies supported by the data in Part 1 that are aligned with state goals and increase an equitable and just regional economy. The Part 2 required elements provided by the state Inter-Agency Team can be found here.

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Next Steps

The Regional Summary: Part 1 is currently under review by the state’s Inter-Agency Partners. Feedback is intended to be provided to SBC by the end of February. Additionally, HRTC Members and members of the public are invited to read, review, and share feedback to SBC on the report. 

Development of the Regional Summary: Part 2 is underway. SBC is currently securing expert strategic planners to support facilitation, strategy development, and alignment with state goals. Concurrent with finalizing these partnerships, SBC will begin conducting strategy modules and industry-specific working groups with HRTC members and members of the public.

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Video Summaries:

To highlight key takeaways from our recently published report on the California Jobs First Eastern Sierra Region, Sierra Business Council has prepared this series of video summarys. In these videos, we will provide a high level overview of each chapter of the report. We encourage interested members of the public, our community partners, and especially the HRTC and subcommittee members to read the full document, which is 298 pages plus appendices.

About this Report:

Chapter 1: Stakeholder Mapping Summary:

Chapter 2: Economic & Economic Development Summary:

Chapter 3: Public Health Summary:

Coming Soon.

Chapter 4: Climate & Environmental Summary:

Chapter 5: Labor Market Summary:

Chapter 6: Industry Clusters Summary:

Chapter 7: SWOT Summary


The methodology for the Regional Summary: Part 1 can be summarized as follows. More detailed processes can be found in the Introduction, Appendices, and within various chapters. 

SBC completed the majority of the data collection, analysis, and narrative to ensure findings are relevant to the region, reflect the lived experience of residents and stakeholders, and can be used to form strategies and identify projects that support the region’s needs. Data sources that meet the required analysis and are endorsed/published/used by state and federal agencies were heavily utilized, including Cal-Adapt; American Community Survey five-year estimates, 2017–2021; and Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages.

Research experts were brought onto the SBC team to inform the “Climate and Environmental Analysis” (Dr. Daniel McEvoy) and “Economy and Economic Development” (Dr. Jon Haveman) chapters. 

SBC contracted with two rural California Jobs First regions to share the research burden and develop apples-to-apples data reports and narratives. The Eastern Sierra region provided “Climate and Environmental Analysis” chapters to the Redwood Coast and North State regions. The Redwood Coast region provided “Public Health Analysis” chapters to the Eastern Sierra and North State regions. The North State region provided data and narrative within the “Labor Market” and “Industry Clusters” chapters to the Eastern Sierra and Redwood Coast regions.

The methodology for the Regional Summary: Part 2 is currently under development and will be posted here once finalized. It is known that the process will be heavily influenced by strategies in existing regional plans like the two subregional CEDS, and by the HRTC and Subcommittee Members through working groups and strategy modules.  

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