Introducing CTA's New Building decarbonization program For the TRUCKEE TAHOE region

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Meredith Anderson

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June 21, 2023


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Sierra Business Council and the Climate Transformation Alliance Introduce the Truckee Tahoe Building Decarbonization Pilot Program

Truckee, CA – The  Climate Transformation Alliance (CTA) is launching a new program to address building electrification in the region, called the Truckee Tahoe Building Decarbonization Pilot Program. Sierra Business Council (SBC), the nonprofit facilitator of the CTA, will be responsible for implementing this program, which is funded through a $500,000 award from a private donor. Over the next two years, the program will support the shared goal of achieving a carbon-free community for Truckee and North Lake Tahoe.  

The pilot program includes several design components to advance regional building decarbonization efforts. It will bring building electrification workforce education and training programming to the region, provide scholarships for contractors to participate in training programs, launch a website resource to guide home and building owners through a Truckee Tahoe-specific electrification road map and available rebates and incentives, develop an outreach campaign surrounding the benefits of building decarbonization, and introduce a one-stop shop coaching service for home and building owners looking to electrify. This program will leverage expertise from experts in the field and foster collaboration between key stakeholders. 

“One of the cornerstones of the pilot program will be equipping the local workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead in the decarbonization effort,” says Sierra Business Council’s Climate & Energy Program Manager, Meredith Anderson. “SBC will partner with local contractors, educational institutions, and training centers in order to bring programming to our region. Additionally, the program will offer scholarships for existing and aspiring contractors to receive electrification training. Through these targeted programs, SBC and CTA aim to empower the workforce with the expertise needed to drive this transition.”

The public outreach piece aims to foster community engagement and inspire action. This program will launch a comprehensive public outreach campaign to share the benefits and importance of building decarbonization with residents, businesses, and community leaders. The outreach plan will involve sharing success stories, highlighting best practices, and providing information regarding funding opportunities through CTA’s online resources. SBC will also help home and building owners navigate the electrification process by offering project-specific guidance, connecting them with eligible contractors, and identifying funding opportunities to reduce project barriers. 

The main goals of this program are to upskill the local workforce and to begin electrifying buildings. Other project benefits that will contribute to program success include developing the project specifications necessary for this climate zone and collecting various data metrics, such as average energy savings, financial feasibility, and overall effectiveness across different building types.

“The Truckee Tahoe Building Decarbonization Pilot Program is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community about building decarbonization and to collect data to inform future efforts,” said Steve Frisch, President of Sierra Business Council. “By collecting and analyzing data from this pilot program, we will gain valuable insights into the local impacts of electrification. This will not only guide future decision-making but also serve as a powerful tool to advocate for broader adoption of electrification measures and demonstrate the tangible benefits of building decarbonization.”

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About the Climate Transformation Alliance:

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