Town of Truckee Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting Rebate Program - Applications Now Open!

David Jaeger

David Jaeger

Climate & Energy Technician

Artificial outdoor lighting supplies incredible benefits to our communities, providing safety and comfort both on our streets and around our homes. However, light pollution, or the excessive use of artificial light, is known to have harmful effects on human and wildlife health, as well as the planet at large. In addition to these concerns, outdated and unnecessary lighting fixtures can also result in higher energy bills. One of the most visible impacts of light pollution can be seen just by looking up at the night sky. Many outdoor lighting fixtures allow artificial light to leak upwards, reducing the amount of viewable stars and diminishing their vibrancy. As a result, organizations like DarkSky International have been promoting responsible ways to reduce light pollution while maintaining the essential benefits that outdoor lighting provides. 

The Town of Truckee is no stranger to light pollution reduction initiatives, having been promoting the protection of the beautiful Sierra Nevada night sky for decades. For this new effort, Truckee enlisted SBC’s support to develop and implement a rebate program available to Truckee residents, multifamily building owners, and businesses to replace old outdoor lighting fixtures with updated, Dark Sky approved fixtures. These new fixtures will restrict the amount of upward directed light, avoid over-lighting, and minimize short-wavelength (bluish) light in the nighttime environment. Not only do these modern fixtures reduce light pollution, but they are also more energy efficient than their outdated counterparts, saving money for those who participate. 

Dark Sky outdoor lighting rebates are offered for all residential (multi-family or single-family) and commercial buildings located within the Town of Truckee boundaries. Applicants are not required to be Truckee residents, but eligible buildings must be within Truckee boundaries; unincorporated Nevada County is not included in this program. Eligible lighting retrofits are limited to outdoor, energy-efficient, and Dark Sky-friendly fixtures, and must comply with the Town of Truckee’s lighting ordinance. Rebate amounts are determined by building type and, for residential multi-family, number of units.

Rebate Amounts

Rebate applications are due 60 days after proof of purchase of the lighting equipment, and adequate proof of installation and building location are also required to receive rebates. Unfortunately, rebates are not eligible for upgrades retroactively; the purchase of new lighting fixtures must have occurred after the launch of the program. This program is now live and rebates will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis until funds run out, so don’t wait!

Visit the Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting Rebate Program page to access the application and find additional information..

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