SBC Urges California Leaders to Fund Wildfire and Forest Resilience

Stacy Corless

Stacy Corless

Government and Community Affairs Director

 Under Governor Newsom’s and state legislative leadership, California is making real progress in its response to climate and wildfire resilience, with unprecedented investments and on-the-ground results.

Last year’s state budget included over $1 billion to address the state’s wildfire crisis, building on increased investments in 2020; this year, funding levels for forest and wildfire resilience could drop to just half of that. Over the next couple of week in August, legislators and the Newsom administration are negotiating exactly how much funding to designate for fire, and how to spend that money.

Our message to them is urgent, and clear: California can’t stop now. The future of our forests, our water and our well-being is at stake. We need sustained, annual funding for wildfire and forest resilience–at least $1 billion per year is what it will take to save our forests and meet the state’s goal to treat one million acres per year. 

Please join SBC in urging your legislators to support more funding for fire.

Find your state reps here: And please follow Sierra Business Council on Twitter (@SierraBusiness) and Instagram (@Sierra_Business_Council), and share our posts.

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Image of wildfire burn scar with text that reads, "California is Burning. We know what we need to do. To address this crisis, we need to treat one million acres per year in the state of California."

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