Invitation for Placer + El Dorado County Subregional of CA Jobs First Capital Region

Picture of Sarah Isabel Moe

Sarah Isabel Moe

Project Manager, California Jobs First (Placer & El Dorado)

Join the Conversation! How might we create sustainable + equitable jobs in a thriving regional economy in Placer and El Dorado Counties? 

In this Ideation Workshop series, we will gather the diverse people and perspectives of El Dorado and Placer County to connect, ideate, innovate, and create a clear vision for local sustainable and equitable jobs. We’ll dive deep into opportunities/dreams and the barriers for the historically marginalized. And, we will finish strong with some good ideas for fundable collaborations and projects! All are welcome.

Participation is paid ($25/hr) for those who need/want compensation for their time. Please reach out if you have childcare or transportation needs. 

We have multiple save the date workshops, please click on the events linked below to RSVP to the event most convenient for you. 

Background information:

This is what we endeavor to do through We Prosper Together. We Prosper Together brings together eight counties, representing over 130 organizations across 11+ industries. We are working to build a lasting economy that represents and meets the needs of our communities, allowing families to thrive for generations. Our efforts are being supported by funding from the California Jobs First program (previously known as CERF- Community Economic Resilience Fund). This workshop series is being hosted for the subregion of Placer and El Dorado County.

Our key goals include: 

  • Create a Collaborative – Bridge together existing silos and enable our region to make collective decisions.
  • Co-Design a Regional Roadmap – Design a shared economic roadmap to a thriving economy that is tailored to the needs of our communities.
  • Attract Investments Into Our Region – Encourage diverse streams of investments that support our region to thrive for years to come. 
  • Create Accessible Living-Wage Jobs – Generate more living-wage jobs for all by embracing the growing sustainable economy.

We Prosper Together includes the following eight counties: El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, Colusa, and Yuba Counties. Valley Vision is the backbone organization supporting our regional efforts, and Sierra Business Council is the lead project manager for the Placer/El Dorado County subregion.  

Sierra Business Council is joined by our partners The Growth Factory, Placer Community Foundation, and El Dorado Community Foundation to authentically engage all voices from across our thriving suburban centers, through our beautiful foothills and into the Sierra Nevada mountains.  

Together with our partners, we are offering a series of We Prosper Together  Ideation workshops to ensure diversity and inclusivity is honored as the life force of this movement. We will utilize the input gathered at these workshops (along with what we’ve heard in surveys, focus groups and interviews) to create a list of fundable projects for our subregion through the California Jobs First fund. #WeProsperTogether

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