Lake Tahoe Water Trail

The Lake Tahoe Water Trail (LTWT) is a designated water route along the 72-mile Lake Tahoe shoreline that links public beaches with launch and landing sites to help paddlers have a safe recreation experience, practice good stewardship, and protect the watershed.  

Sierra Business Council manages the Lake Tahoe Water Trail’s sustainable recreation education program. Our work convenes paddle outfitters, public land agencies, private landowners, and conservation organizations through the development and implementation of this program. To learn more about the LTWT and how it simultaneously promotes safety and stewardship, visit the program’s external site by clicking here

In addition to the educational wayfinding signs posted at 20 designated public access sites along shores of Lake Tahoe,  paddlers can also access information about the Water Trail through the mobile-friendly site, which includes an interactive route-finding map to identify launch and landing sites from land as well as from water, real-time wind and marine conditions, downloadable day trip maps, and an easy-to-use “file a float plan” email tool to inform others about planned paddle adventures. 

We also produce and distribute a printed waterproof Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Access Guide and a Stewardship Safety brochure in both English and Spanish that helps paddlers find designated public launch and landing sites, paddle routes, shoreline businesses, and accommodations. Guides can be purchased online and proceeds from guide sales support Sierra Business Council efforts to develop and promote stewardship, water safety, and public access educational programs and materials. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable recreation, Sierra Business Council believes the land and waters of the Sierra should be accessible and enjoyed by all. The Lake Tahoe Water Trail is a Sierra Business Council program that exists at the nexus of sustainable tourism, responsible recreation, and small business empowerment. 

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