New & Expanded SNEW Services: Greenhouse Gas Inventories & Energy/Climate Action Plans, and Reach Codes

Picture of Sam Ruderman

Sam Ruderman

Project Manager, Climate & Energy

SNEW is thrilled to announce a new expansion to our scope of no-cost services for public agencies! We can now prepare comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and develop energy/climate action plans for communities in our territory. SNEW is excited and ready to work with jurisdictions to develop locally tailored strategies to reduce GHG emissions while providing a suite of economic, social, and environmental co-benefits.

As part of our no-cost program services, SNEW can also now collaborate with public agencies to support the development and adoption of building energy “reach codes.” Reach codes go beyond State requirements to enhance building efficiency and increase energy savings. Reach codes are a great tool to support the improvement of water efficiency, the installation of EV chargers, and the shift to electric appliances.


If you would like to learn more about how your agency can take advantage of these services, please email us at

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