New Solar and Storage Opportunity Available for Public Agencies

David Jaeger

David Jaeger

Climate & Energy Technician

The SNEW team is thrilled to announce an exciting new opportunity for public agencies! Through the Government and K-12 (GK12) Energy Efficiency program, Willdan and Swell will be providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for solar and energy storage projects. The program will include financial and technical support for public agency customers to reduce the cost of implementing solar and storage systems.

These systems include both solar panels and onsite batteries, which provide numerous benefits over solar alone. For instance, the addition of battery storage can smooth out variations in how energy flows on the grid. Because solar energy production can become variable due to weather, time of day, and season, battery storage can close the gaps in production caused by both short-term (passing clouds) and long-term (winter nights) interruptions. In short, solar and storage systems reconcile the difference between periods of the day when solar production is high and when demand is high, allowing for optimized renewable power utilization. As a result, public agencies can electrify their facilities with the knowledge that their electricity source is stable and can be depended on throughout the year. In addition, these systems can provide energy resilience to critical public facilities during periods of grid blackouts, improving community safety and ensuring peace of mind. 

Due to recent changes in net metering, excess solar energy that returns to the grid is much less valuable than it used to be, reducing customer compensation. Therefore, the installation of battery storage will conserve solar energy production for on-site use, maximizing utility bill savings. Additionally, stored solar energy can help avoid higher time-of-use rates for on-peak hours, which can also significantly reduce energy costs. By taking advantage of this new program, public agencies that implement solar and storage systems will support electric grid reliability, improve local energy resilience, and generate exceptional savings. Solar and storage upgrades can also be paired with additional GK12 energy efficiency upgrades provided by Willdan.

If your public agency is interested in pursuing this opportunity, please contact us at!

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