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Sarah Isabel Moe 

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Sarah Isabel Moe is a seasoned sustainability and climate expert with over 15 years of experience in strategic planning, community engagement, and whole system collaboration. She has successfully led transformative strategic initiatives within municipalities, businesses, and non-profits.  She is deeply passionate about fostering resilient communities and environmental stewardship through meaningful triple-bottom-line development.

As the Recycling Supervisor for the City of Folsom, Sarah Isabel played a pivotal role in launching the SB 1383 policies and programs, transforming the community’s food to soil system with the city-wide composting and edible food recovery programs. In her role at the City of Palo Alto, Sarah Isabel was instrumental in the implementation of the climate action plan through innovative financing mechanisms, and dedicated efforts on multi-stakeholder collaboration around the decarbonization of buildings and transportation systems. Sarah Isabel has been a bilingual Project Manager, senior consultant, and lead climate action strategist throughout her consulting career, orchestrating systemic collaboration across communities for leading Californian cities such as Santa Monica, Sunnyvale, San Francisco, San Mateo County, and many others.

Sarah Isabel’s dedication to equity and the environment extends from the deep connection she has to her ancestral Earth wisdom traditions, which she shares about in her book and programs called The Sacred Seasons, empowering women to reconnect with nature and their own innate wisdom.  She is a devoted mother and wife, a global adventurer, a gifted writer, and a spiritual teacher.

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