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A Walk Through the Sierra

This past January, I got a text from my trail family asking if I was interested in going on a backpacking trip for 12 days in the Southern Sierra in August. Without hesitation, I said yes. Little did I know how this trip would impact my life, let alone bring perspective to the Sierra Nevada Climate Vulnerability Assessment project I had just joined.

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Business Power Shut Offs

The 2021 fire season has already begun, and with record-breaking scope and damage. As a protective measure to minimize wildfire risk, utility companies that power the Sierra Nevada will be periodically shutting off power to regions and communities experiencing high wind, lightning storms, and other severe weather. NV Energy just announced its first planned outage for the season, starting at 4am on Sunday. Are you ready? 

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Not if But When

It’s one thing to follow the news reports and social media videos of wildfire damage from afar, mentally preparing yourself for what it might be like to try and identify the skeletal remains of a structure as your own family’s cabin or home. Or see the tornados of fire set ablaze against a hillside you’ve traversed hundreds of times by car or by foot. Or watch a community you know and love evacuate by the thousands, their whole lives crammed into one carload.

It’s another thing entirely when it happens for real.

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SNEW Contact Form

Work With Us CLIENT CONTACT FORM Regardless of your sector, the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch team is on deck to help you with your energy efficiency goals, save money, reduce

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SNEW Residential

Residential Resources For residents, energy efficiency can take the form of appliance upgrades, renewable energy retrofits, or even changes in everyday habits. Below are PG&E programs, rebates, and tips to

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SNEW Agricultural

Agricultural Resources The agricultural industry is very energy and water-intensive. There are a variety of PG&E rebates and programs available to help your business reduce energy usage and cost. Whether

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SNEW Industrial

Industrial Resources The industrial sector accounts for the largest share of energy consumption in the United States, and energy efficiency improvements in this sector can significantly reduce the nation’s demand

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Learn More – SNEW

About SNEW The SNEW program is a partnership between Sierra Business Council and Pacific Gas & Electric Company that coordinates and helps to fund energy efficiency projects which reduce energy

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