The State of the Sierra Report

The State of the Sierra 2007 report represents the third edition of the Sierra Business Council’s indicator project to identify trends affecting the social, natural, and financial capital of the Sierra Nevada. Assessing the Sierra Nevada’s social, natural, and financial health provides a framework that allows decision makers and Sierra Nevada residents to appraise their community within the larger context of the region.

The report provides an integral understanding of our region’s wealth by highlighting unique assets, recognizing issues that affect our quality of life, and offering sustainable opportunities to enhance and improve the Sierra Nevada.

Written in partnership with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC), the collaboration provides high-quality research and outreach tools to improve people’s understanding of the economic, social, and natural conditions of the region.

We are pleased to provide this important information and are confident that The State of the Sierra report will prove useful for governmental agencies, non-governmental entities, educational institutions, and the myriad of individuals responsible for daily decisions affecting the region and our state.

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