Two new energy resources from the Climate & Energy team!

Tallulah Pellisier Lloyd

Tallulah Pellisier Lloyd

2022-2023 CivicSpark Fellow

Energy Action Guide for Local Businesses

Pacific Gas & Electric has launched a new feature in their Energy Action Guide tool that allows small/medium businesses to find relevant resources to help maximize energy savings and reduce costs.

The tool allows customers to filter resources by business type, resource type, and theme to guide them to the specific answers they are looking for. If your small/medium business is within SNEW territory, our team can also provide a variety of free services to help your business save energy and money, including access to no-cost building energy audits. Click here to explore the Energy Action Guide tool.

Feeling inspired to reduce your building’s energy use? Then schedule a free energy audit with SNEW and we will connect you with a vetted trade professional and available rebates and funding opportunities!

To schedule a free energy audit, please email 

Watch the Rural Energy Solutions: Part 1 Webinar

Our workshop on Rural Energy Solutions took place on March 8, and the recording is available now! The webinar was presented by two of Sierra Business Council (SBC)’s climate programs, Sierra Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Partnership (Sierra CAMP) and Sierra Nevada Energy Watch (SNEW).

The webinar explains the process by which energy efficiency upgrades are completed, starting with benchmarking reports and ending with funding opportunities and installations. The presentation also includes additional opportunities public agencies can work on to reduce emissions, such as creating a climate action plan or developing a vulnerability assessment. To learn more about building energy efficiency, watch the webinar recording here and access the slides here.

“The Rural Energy Solutions webinar presented by SBC's SNEW and Sierra CAMP programs provided me with a great understanding of the process and tools to plan and implement energy efficiency projects by both public agencies and SMBs. More public agencies and businesses should be aware of the gamut of free services offered by SNEW. Most enlightening to me was the detailed information regarding multiple financing options and funds that are available to make energy efficiency retrofits pay for themselves while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.”
- jan maes, member of nevada county energy action plan committee

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