Webinar Recap and A Summer Energy Saving Tip

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Brittney Gutierrez

Climate and Energy Technician

Rural Energy Solutions: Part 2 Webinar Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended the Rural Energy Solutions: Part 2 webinar on August 9th! SNEW partnered with Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership (Sierra CAMP) once again to host a panel discussion with leading experts on resilience through renewable energy and electrification for buildings and vehicles. Participants learned from: 

  • Lou Jacobson, building electrification expert at Willdan
  • Anderson Barkow, microgrids expert and co-founder of BoxPower, and 
  • John Friedrich, electric vehicle expert at Momentum

Panelists discussed barriers and solutions to bringing projects to the Sierra Nevada region and provided real-world examples of clean energy solutions. If you would like to connect with any of our panelists or have any follow-up questions from the webinar, please email snew@sierrabusiness.org

If you were unable to attend the webinar, you can watch the recording below. 

Summer Energy Saving Tip

A recent report conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) found that energy-efficient buildings can improve indoor comfortability and habitability by approximately 120% in extreme heat. The report also found that improving energy efficiency performance in buildings prevents deaths and keeps occupants safer during extreme weather events. 

A great way to improve energy efficiency performance in your building is to update outdated windows, as they are responsible for 20-30% of heat gain or loss. If your windows are in good condition, taking steps to improve their efficiency may be the most cost-effective option.

There are several things you can do to improve the efficiency of your existing windows:

  • Check for air leaks. The DOE’s Detecting Air Leaks page is a great resource.
  • Caulk and weatherstrip. Check out the DOE’s Do-It-Yourself guide to learn how to weatherstrip double-hung windows.
  • Add energy efficient window coverings, such as blinds or shades. 
  • Add solar control film to reduce heat gain, block out ultraviolet rays, and reduce glare. Check out Lowe’s Step-by-Step guide on how to install solar film.
  • Add exterior shading, such as awnings, exterior blinds, or overhangs.

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