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California’s Wildfire Risk Reduction Budget: An Unparalleled Opportunity, and Unprecedented Need

In the spring of this year, California’s leaders took bold action in passing $536 million in an emergency action wildfire funding package, allowing wildfire resilience projects including fuel breaks, prescribed fire, watershed restoration, and ecological thinning to get underway ahead of the standard budget cycle. Amidst record-breaking heat waves, a historic drought, and the weight of unparalleled wildfire risk, it is imperative that California’s leaders continue and expand upon this bold action through the final 2021-22 Budget.

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Breaking Down Wildfire: How Did We Get Here and What Should We Do About It?

It was a seemingly straightforward question from a close friend of mine, “Why are these wildfires getting worse and what are we doing about it”? At some point during my stammering, convoluted, and completely uninsightful response I realized that my job leads me to dig so deeply into the nuanced details of issues like wildfire and climate change that I’m awful at explaining what the heck is going on to anyone outside of my professional bubble.

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How a Circular Economy Could Change the World

In October of 2018, Sierra Business Council was awarded the role of program administrator for the Martis Fund’s Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Program (DPAP). This program provides down payment assistance for median income Tahoe/Truckee locals hoping to purchase a home in the region.

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5 Easy Ways to Green Your Business

5 Easy Ways to Green Your Business SBC recently launched the Sierra Green Business Network, a regional affiliate of the statewide California Green Business Network. The program provides local businesses

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This Summer: Skip the Traffic and Help the Environment by Riding Your Bike

It was a warm, cloudless summer afternoon and I was sitting in my gridlocked parent’s car on highway 89 north on our way into Tahoe City for dinner. At 10 years old, my patience for being stuck in a car on such a beautiful day had run out and I stared jealously at people walking and biking on the bike path unimpeded toward our shared destination.

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The Importance of Time of Use Rates: Why Shifting Energy Use in the Summer Makes Economic and Environmental Sense

With summer in full swing, my mind often drifts to all of the outdoor activities that I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy: hiking in the mountains, riding my bike around town, and swimming in the Yuba and American rivers. While my mind is wandering towards the outdoors, I remind myself how important it is to not forget about the energy use back in our homes and businesses.

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