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Economic Empowerment

The Evolution of Athlete to Researcher: An Introduction to Erika Harvey

I grew up climbing on granite slabs at Donner Summit, and the rock formations fascinated me. Everywhere I went in the mountains, I found myself mesmerized by the colors, textures, and stratigraphy lines that painted the landscapes. Having grown up in Northern California in an outdoors family, the concept of conservation was ingrained very early. “Respect the playground; if you want the beautiful places you love to remain intact, then do your part.” At that point in my life, I knew I wanted to do something that allowed me to be outside and in the field solving problems (or something to that extent). Naturally, I began my academic career pursuing a degree in geology. 

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This Summer: Skip the Traffic and Help the Environment by Riding Your Bike

It was a warm, cloudless summer afternoon and I was sitting in my gridlocked parent’s car on highway 89 north on our way into Tahoe City for dinner. At 10 years old, my patience for being stuck in a car on such a beautiful day had run out and I stared jealously at people walking and biking on the bike path unimpeded toward our shared destination.

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The Importance of Time of Use Rates: Why Shifting Energy Use in the Summer Makes Economic and Environmental Sense

With summer in full swing, my mind often drifts to all of the outdoor activities that I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy: hiking in the mountains, riding my bike around town, and swimming in the Yuba and American rivers. While my mind is wandering towards the outdoors, I remind myself how important it is to not forget about the energy use back in our homes and businesses.

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Climate Change

Tiger’s Nest and Wise Coyotes: A Look at Bhutan and the Sierra Nevada

In early June, I had the awe-inspiring experience of visiting Bhutan, a small rural Vajrayana Buddhist country located in the Himalaya between Tibet, Nepal and India. Bhutan is the only country in the world that uses Gross National Happiness (GNH) instead of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to measure its progress.

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Climate Policy

Legislative Tracking: What’s Hot in California Climate Policy?

SBC’s Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership, Sierra CAMP, is currently tracking several climate change bills introduced in the legislature that we think may impact Sierra communities. I’ve laid out each of these bills below along with how they could affect your community.

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The Sticky Intersection of Wages and Housing

After publishing part 1 of this housing series, a reader commented inquiring about the impact wages have on the relative unattainability of housing in rural areas. I thought it was a great place to dig into for my second piece on the subject.

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A Lesson in History: AgTech Innovation Meets a Local’s Poultry Past

I recently attended the AgTech Micro Conference, hosted by Nevada County Tech Connection, in Nevada City. The micro-conference brought together a variety of participants, including farmers, software developers, and people interested in the latest Agtech trends that address practical ways to improve efficiency and profitability for our regional farmers.

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