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Understanding our Vulnerabilities—And Our Choices—in the Sierra

Sierra CAMP, a program of Sierra Business Council, is currently undertaking a regional vulnerability assessment to examine how Sierra Nevada communities will be affected by projected climate changes. We have already seen the massive impact that climate change can have in its multiple forms on our communities in the mountains. Climate change leaves our homes and businesses vulnerable to wildfire and floods, it impacts the clarity of our lakes and rivers, and challenges our recreation patterns as we navigate the changes in snow and temperature year round. The goal of the vulnerability assessment is to better understand and measure the impacts of climate change on our social and economic systems that are inextricably linked to our natural environment.

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A Lesson in History: AgTech Innovation Meets a Local’s Poultry Past

I recently attended the AgTech Micro Conference, hosted by Nevada County Tech Connection, in Nevada City. The micro-conference brought together a variety of participants, including farmers, software developers, and people interested in the latest Agtech trends that address practical ways to improve efficiency and profitability for our regional farmers.

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Government Affairs

SBC’s 2019 Legislative Outlook for the Sierra

The new 2019-2020 legislative session is officially underway. This means SBC’s Government Affairs team, under Chris Mertens’ astute leadership, is busy reviewing bill introductions, gathering information from partners and legislative staff, and identifying priority legislation for engagement by SBC and our coalition groups and colleagues.

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Economic Empowerment

Speaking for the Trees, Small Businesses, and Modern Community Planning

“I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees”. I read Dr Suess’s The Lorax to my kids so many times that I can pretty much recite it word for word. It seems practically prophetic that my profession led me to work for a triple bottom line organization where I speak for not just the trees, but the people, the community and economic prosperity by advocating for small businesses.

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EUC EnviroFair2019

Just What are Time of Use Rates and How Can They Save you Money?

Have you heard of Time of Use rates before? Did you know you could be saving money on your energy bill just by utilizing them? Let’s back up. The state of California has set the goal of 100 percent use of zero-carbon electricity by 2045, which builds on the previous work the state has done to become more energy efficient and manage energy use.

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Economic Empowerment

Could the Answer to Our Housing Problem Lie in the Triple Bottom Line? Part One

One might think that in the wake of Propositions 1 and 2 passing in November, with a combined funding power of $6 billion for housing programs, we’d be able to breathe a sigh of relief. As substantial as the funding might be, though, there remains a clear and present need to act quickly on the housing supply throughout California.

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Tahoe Beer BB 2019

Enjoying the Modern Cold One: Bold, Hoppy and Tastes like Sustainability

The connection between a hoppy beer and the aromatic pines of the Sierra Nevada foothills is undeniable for me. Whether enjoying a cold one after a long hike in the Tahoe National Forest, or while basking on the granite rocks of the Yuba River, I can confidently say that beer always tastes better in the great outdoors.

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Climate Policy

Top Three Reasons Why 2018 Was a Success for California Climate Action

It was a bit of a surprise when, at the end of 2017, we found the year rounding out with quite a bit worth celebrating in the climate action world. Now following 2018, despite the growing global hot mess of extreme wildfires, storm events, and sea level rise, I’m grateful to say there remains plenty to celebrate.

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Will Climate Change Unite the Sierra Nevada?

Climate change isn’t happening in a vacuum. Its impacts have rippled both directly and indirectly into the public conscious and daily lives, ingraining a daunting challenge while offering a thrilling opportunity.

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