Climate Action

Establishing Climate Resiliency and Achieving Energy Independence

Sierra Business Council's Climate & Energy Team assists communities throughout the Sierra to proactively plan for climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapting to changes already impacting the Sierra.


Communities in the Sierra are uniquely vulnerable to climate change and other rural issues. We work closely with local governments, businesses, and communities throughout the Sierra Nevada to give them the tools they need to address climate change and build a more resilient region.


Our Climate Action program empowers local governments and communities to advance their own climate goals through effective research, data analysis, facilitation, tracking, reporting, and clear action plans. We work to empower the region to build capacity around climate mitigation and adaptation efforts tailored to each community’s specific needs.


We focus on climate education, adaptation, and mitigation because the effects of climate change are already occurring and are among the greatest threats to the region. Increased wildfire risk, extended drought, shrinking snowpack, increased flood risk, and decreased tourism revenue are anticipated climate-caused impacts. We can minimize risk and create opportunities by planning in advance and acting now.

"Sierra Business Council has been an incredible partner and resource for Nevada County in our energy action planning. With their leadership and guidance Nevada County was able to develop a comprehensive Energy Action Plan that was tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of our rural county. SBC’s knowledgeable staff not only led the plan development but provided the coordination and facilitation of community engagement for implementing the County’s energy goals and strategies. SBC has been critical to our successes, thank you!”
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Brian Foss
Nevada County Planning Director

Areas of Impact

Sierra Business Council's Climate Action team works towards a more resilient Sierra, saves communities money, and increases energy independence throughout the region.

Community Education & Outreach

Sierra Business Council’s Climate Action team bridges the gap between government and community needs. SBC facilitates participatory processes and distills complex technical concepts into accessible and engaging messages. We convene climate and energy stakeholders, information, and resources as well as translate technical information for practical use. We also develop community working groups to support the initial stage of implementation of climate initiatives in the Sierra by making direct contact with communities and establishing and documenting state-required stakeholder engagement.

Local Government Planning & Policy Development

We have developed and supported the implementation of over a dozen Energy Action Plans (EAPs) and Climate Action Plans (CAPs) that serve as roadmaps for communities to follow while achieving their climate and energy goals. In this work, we support state mandates for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), update general plans, and support climate resilience at the local level by facilitating the development, adoption, and implementation of climate planning initiatives in Sierra.

Catalyzing Climate Projects

Sierra Business Council projects are notable for their collaborative process, broad application, and positive impact on local communities. We identify and connect local governments and communities to available funding opportunities to address climate resilience, mitigation, and adaptation in the Sierra. We help jurisdictions and organizations obtain funding by providing grant writing services and financing application processing.

Coalition Building

Our team members closely track and contribute to broader climate efforts through our involvement with both formal and ad hoc organizations. We are involved in and lead several statewide and regional climate collaboratives. Our public outreach is inclusive and effective because we understand the importance of establishing common ground and building rapport in groups with diverse and sometimes conflicting opinions.

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